Move in / move out cleaning

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Are you moving out and need the place scrubbed from top to bottom to get your security deposit back? Or moving into a new place and want a deep cleaning before moving furniture in? Broadway Maids will take care of this at a much lower cost that most other companies!

Breakdown of Cleaning Services


  • Shower/Tub Cleaned
  • Vanity/Mirror Cleaned
  • Sinks/Counters Cleaned
  • Cabinets cleaned (Inside and Out)
  • Toilets Cleaned
  • Baseboards / Sills Wiped
  • Walls wiped
  • Floors Swept & Hand Washed
  • Trash Emptied


  • Inside Windows Cleaned
  • Ceiling Fans Cleaned
  • Inside Closets Cleaned
  • Baseboards/Sills Wiped
  • Floors Swept & Mopped
  • Trash Emptied


  • Sink Cleaned
  • Microwave Cleaned (Inside & Out)
  • Fridge Cleaned (Inside & Out)
  • Oven Cleaned (Inside)
  • Stove Top Cleaned
  • Inside oven cleaned
  • Appliances Wiped
  • Baseboards/Sills Wiped
  • Countertops/Backsplash Cleaned
  • Cabinets wiped (Inside & Out)
  • Floors Swept & Mopped
  • Trash Emptied


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