Deep Cleaning

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Deep Cleaning is the perfect way to start your journey with Broadway Maids. We recommend it for all first time clients, especially those who haven’t cleaned in several months, those with pets, and those suffering from allergies. When it’s time for your Deep Cleaning, your Broadway Maid(s) will provide the following:

Service Highlights

Cleaning Consultation & Tour

Supply Consultation &  Shopping (supplies not included in cost)

Deep Cleaning of all exterior surfaces in your home or office

Includes inside fridge, oven, and microwave

Personalized Future Cleaning Plan to keep your Home or Office looking FABULOUS.

Breakdown of Cleaning Services


  • Shower/Tub Cleaned
  • Vanity/Mirror Cleaned
  • Sinks/Counters Cleaned
  • Toilets Cleaned
  • Tile Walls Washed
  • Baseboards/Sills Wiped
  • Doors Washed
  • Floors Swept & Hand Washed
  • Trash Emptied


  • Beds Made/Linens Changed (if left out)
  • Shelves/Frames Dusted
  • Knick Knacks Dusted or Washed
  • Lamps/Wall Hangings Dusted
  • Hard Furniture Wiped/Dusted (Tables, wood chairs, etc)
  • Soft Furniture Vacuumed (Sofas, etc)
  • Ceiling Fans Wiped
  • Doors Cleaned
  • Mirrors Cleaned
  • Drawer Fronts Cleaned
  • Trash Emptied
  • Garbage Cans Washed
  • Floors Swept & Mopped
  • Overall Appearance of Room Left Neat
  • Furniture moved to clean behind/under where possible


  • Sink Cleaned
  • Microwave Cleaned (Inside & Out)
  • Stove Top Cleaned
  • Cabinets wiped (Front Only)
  • Fridge Cleaned (Inside & Out)
  • Inside Oven Cleaned
  • Appliances Wiped
  • Baseboards/Sills Wiped
  • Tables & Chairs Wiped
  • Countertops/Backsplash Cleaned
  • Trash Emptied
  • Floors Swept & Mopped


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