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When you don’t have a cleaning service…

My mom taught me how to clean as a kid. Before I reached middle school I knew how to vacuum, wash dishes, scrub a floor, and properly clean a bathroom. When I left for college I had developed great cleaning habits. I was set to live on my own! Unfortunately this just isn’t the case for everyone. A lot of kids grow up with professional cleaners, and never learn cleaning skills themselves. Of course I recommend everyone have a professional cleaner once or twice a month, but you should also know how to do it yourself for in-between cleanings and emergencies. What if your parents show up unexpectedly, or your maid gets sick?

I was recently asked by Marshall Bright at Refinery 29 if I could teach her how to clean for an article. Of course I said yes! I wanted to show her that with the right supplies and a little training, anyone can learn how to clean. We had so much fun telling jokes, laughing, and doing some serious cleaning. By the end of our training session Marshall’s apartment was not only spotless, but she knew exactly what to do to keep it that way!

Read all about our training in Marshall’s article!


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