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What will my maid NOT clean?

Broadway Maid’s policy is to never clean:

Biohazards (Animal or Human waste or blood).

Ex. We will clean the inside of your toilet. Duh! We will not, however, clean a big mess someone (animal or human) made by getting sick or bleeding, or the inside of cat boxes.

Homes with serious bug and/or rodent infestations.

Ex. Most NYC abodes have a few small roaches. No big deal! If you’ve got dozens of bugs/large roaches/a bad mouse problem, we require you get an exterminator, then call us to clean afterward.

What about safety?

Safety for our Broadway Maids and clients alike is always our #1 concern. Every maid is 100% insured and bonded to protect both themselves, you, and your property. Clients must read and agree to our Terms of Service upon booking. Broadway Maids are required to check in upon arrival at and departure from a client’s home, and are encouraged to contact the office at any time while on a job. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. If your cleaner is ever made to feel unsafe, payment will be collected and service will be terminated. The client is treated with utmost confidentiality to protect his/her privacy and information is NEVER sold, shared, or traded with any other entity.

What area do you cover?

All of Manhattan, plus most of Brooklyn and Queens.
If it takes less than 30 minutes to get to your apartment from Times Square via the MTA, we’ve got you covered!
If it takes more than 30 minutes we charge a $15 or $30 travel fee.

How do I pay?

Once your cleaning is complete, we will invoice you via email and you can quickly and conveniently pay online with a credit card. If you book recurring services your info will be saved on our secure server for automatic billing later.

How can I become a Broadway Maid?

We’re always looking for talented and friendly new cleaners to join our team! Fill out the contact form to get more information.

Will my maid bring cleaning supplies?

Unfortunately, no. Our cleaners are running to auditions and appointments between cleanings which makes it difficult to haul around supplies. We also want to use the products you like. Some clients prefer organic/green products, and other can’t do without their bleach. Broadway Maids are capable of using any product on the market.
We reccomend all clients’ have scrubby sponges, paper towels, all purpose cleaner (one with bleach and one without), Ajax, Windex, floor cleaner, an excellent vacuum with wand, broom/dustpan, a swiffer, plus anything else you like used in your home. If you’d like your cleaner to purchase supplies for you we’ll add the cost to your bill.

Are you gay friendly?

ABSOLUTELY. Broadway Maids is gay owned & operated, and many of our cleaners and clients are LGBTQ. Many of them are straight too! No matter who you are, you’ll find our service professional and super friendly.

What can I expect to have cleaned?

Look at our Services page to see what will be covered during each type of cleaning. Extra work like washing the inside of windows, washing walls, cleaning the inside of your fridge & oven, laundry, organizing, and more can be added to your cleaning.

What if I need to cancel the booking?

We understand that sometimes circumstances change. We ask that you give Broadway Maids at least 24 hours notice whenever possible. If cancellation happens when your Broadway Maid is already en route, or if you, the client, are a “no show” when your Broadway Maid arrives, a $30 fee will be assessed.

Should I Tip?

Tipping is not expected, but always appreciated. Cash is king, but if you’d like to add a tip to your invoice just drop a line and let us know.

Are there any other requirements?

For the safety of our staff and the security of our clients, we have two other items: We require that all pets be secured while your maid is cleaning. We also urge clients to remove or secure anything that is very delicate or irreplaceable (during cleanings) to eliminate potential damage to that which cannot be replaced.