New York City Artists. Making a Living. Living the Dream.



Khiry is an actor and singer hailing from West Virginia. He is incredibly friendly and shows great attention to detail. Let him make your floors shine as bright as his future. IG: _kmstar


Co-owner of Broadway Maids, Luisa is based in Toronto, Canada. She is an aspiring stage actress and singer who is pursuing her dream of working and singing her heart out on Broadway.


Steven is a Colombian dancer who has performed throughout NYC with the several companies including XY Dance Project, Jazz Ain't Dead, LaneCoArts, and Apprentice at Elisa Monte Dance. When he's not busy making sure your floors are clean enough to be danced on, you'll catch him in several music videos and films, including an extensive art installment featuring Tyler Gilstrap and the Windmill factory at Panorama Music Festival.


Field manager and Rockstar, Frances knows how to clean any space while writing music in her head. You can see her perform with the band INDAZE all over the Northeast region.


Stephanie is a South Carolina native who began dancing at the age of 2. She currently trains with celebrity dance coach, former Laker Girl and Radio City Rockette, Rhonda Malkin. Having danced nearly her whole life, Stephanie knows the hard work it takes to get something done right, which shows in how effortlessly she'll make your home seem brand new.