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When you don’t have a cleaning service…

My mom taught me how to clean as a kid. Before I reached middle school I knew how to vacuum, wash dishes, scrub a floor, and properly clean a bathroom. When I left for college I had developed great cleaning habits. I was set to live on my own! Unfortunately this just isn’t the case for everyone. A lot of kids grow up with professional cleaners, and never learn cleaning skills themselves. Of course I recommend everyone have a professional cleaner once or twice a month, but you should also know how to do it yourself for in-between cleanings and emergencies. What if your parents show up unexpectedly, or your maid gets sick?

I was recently asked by Marshall Bright at Refinery 29 if I could teach her how to clean for an article. Of course I said yes! I wanted to show her that with the right supplies and a little training, anyone can learn how to clean. We had so much fun telling jokes, laughing, and doing some serious cleaning. By the end of our training session Marshall’s apartment was not only spotless, but she knew exactly what to do to keep it that way!

Read all about our training in Marshall’s article!


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When you first hire a cleaning service, start with a deep clean!

So you’ve finally decided that your busy NYC lifestyle calls for needing a cleaning service? Congratulations! You’ve just joined the 60% of Americans who hire out help to keep their space clean and tidy. After all, it’s a big job! Why go it alone?

The first thing you should decide is who to hire. A private cleaner? A large company? Something in between? All of these choices have plus or minuses, but one thing remains true with all of them. Get a deep cleaning to start. Here’s why:



At Broadway Maids we recommend a deep cleaning before anything else, because to keep it clean, you have to get it clean. If it’s been awhile since your space was thoroughly cleaned, you’ll need extra time and elbow grease to take the space to zero. A deep cleaning can afford you both! Neglected areas being furniture and under beds will get the attention they need, and extra greasy kitchens will get scrubbed properly. The next time your cleaner comes it will take a third of the effort to clean because all the hard work was done properly the first time.



Some people hire a cleaner to just clean the bathroom, or kitchen, or floors. The problem with this is dirt from other areas of the home will quickly travel to these freshly cleaned spaces and muck them up! Your best bet is to clean the entire home at once, keeping it clean longer and easier to clean in the future.



Deep Cleaning is always more expensive that Standard Cleaning because it takes more time and effort. Some people prefer to have their cleaner come in every week or 2 weeks and slowly work on getting the entire space cleaned. That’s all fine and good, but you’ll end up paying for 3-4 Standard Cleanings to get the same amount of work done in 1 Deep Cleaning. Save yourself the time and money, go for the Deep Cleaning when you hire your NYC cleaner, then enjoy having your space maintained once every couple weeks or even once monthly.



If you suffer from asthma or allergies, keeping a clean home is very important. Dirt and dust can affect your health in ways that are annoying or even life threatening. The dirt and dust that collects behind furniture, under beds, and in the hidden nooks and crannies of your home is just as dangerous to your health as the dust that’s out in the open. Blast every molecule with a Deep Cleaning to start and you’ll enjoy easier breathing right away.



Most NYC cleaning services (including Broadway Maids) offer a free fridge and/or oven cleaning included in a Deep Cleaning. These items usually cost around $30-$45 apiece to clean, so this added bonus really makes a Deep Cleaning worth your while!

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Why having a professional cleaner is a MUST

Growing up we all hear our parents screaming:

“Clean your room!” “Make your bed!” “Do your homework!”

While cleaning and tidying helped us “gain character,” and doing our homework probably helped us get into college, we’re grown ups now. We’re busy with work, family, the occasional night out – who has time to clean? Luckily we don’t have to clean our rooms or make the bed, or even do our homework; We can hire someone to do it for us!

A professional cleaner does the stuff we don’t want to do. Deep clean the bathroom, change the sheets, scrub the floors, and all the other little things we like to put off. It may not seem like a big deal, but when things get dirty, messy, or untidy, so do our lives. But when your homes is clean, fresh, and organized, you’ll feel calmer, happier, and even more productive!

New York City hosts a slew of different options when it comes to hiring a cleaner. There are so many companies, apps, and individual cleaners out there it can be difficult to choose one over the other. I’m here to tell you right now – Broadway Maids is the best choice.

Broadway Maids employs some of New York City’s up and coming artists, actors, dancers, and writers, all here pursuing their dreams. Each cleaner is trained by the owner, ensuring excellent, consistent cleaning no matter who is getting the job done. Each cleaner is friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and easy to communicate with.

Broadway Maids charges by the hour so you only pay for the time your cleaner works. Whether you have a tiny studio, or a large brownstone, Broadway Maids will clean it from top to bottom, ensuring your satisfaction and a fresh, sparkling space.

So if you’re tired of coming home from a long week at work to a messy apartment, or if you find yourself frustrated with a dirty office space, give Broadway Maids a call, send a text, or shoot us an email. You’ll not only get a great cleaning, but you’ll be supporting the superstars of tomorrow. Everyone needs a professional cleaner, so why not hire the best?


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