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Welcome To Broadway Maids Home & Office Cleaning.

Our maids are some of the hardest working folks you’ll meet - NYC artists! From actors to dancers, writers to painters, these kids know what hard work and determination means - and it shows in their cleaning!

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Deep Cleaning

At Broadway Maids we do more than just clean... we improve your quality of life. Less dirt, less dust, less allergies, less stress. Deep Cleaning is the perfect way to start your journey with Broadway Maids. We recommend it for all first time clients, especially those who haven't cleaned in several months, those with pets, and those suffering from allergies.

Standard Cleaning

Here's your answer to never having to clean again. Standard Cleaning on a regular basis will keep your New York home or office looking and smelling GORGEOUS. We do recommend a Deep Cleaning to kick things off, but that's up to you! If your home is regularly cleaned or minimalist in design, a Standard Cleaning may be all your place needs to sparkle.

Air BNB flips

Renting your home out for a week or two? Let us take care of the cleaning, laundry, and even key-handoff with our AirBNB cleaning service!

Move In/Move Out Cleaning

Whether you're about to move in to your New York apartment, or need your landlord to give you back your deposit after vacating, we'll clean every inch of your space inside & out!

Meet Our Cleaning Team


Steven is a Colombian dancer who has performed throughout NYC with the several companies including XY Dance Project, Jazz Ain't Dead, LaneCoArts, and Apprentice at Elisa Monte Dance. When he's not busy making sure your floors are clean enough to be danced on, you'll catch him in several music videos and films, including an extensive art installment featuring Tyler Gilstrap and the Windmill factory at Panorama Music Festival.

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Khiry is an actor and singer hailing from West Virginia. He is incredibly friendly and shows great attention to detail. Let him make your floors shine as bright as his future. IG: _kmstar

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Field manager and Rockstar, Frances knows how to clean any space while writing music in her head. You can see her perform with the band INDAZE all over the Northeast region.

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Stephanie is a South Carolina native who began dancing at the age of 2. She currently trains with celebrity dance coach, former Laker Girl and Radio City Rockette, Rhonda Malkin. Having danced nearly her whole life, Stephanie knows the hard work it takes to get something done right, which shows in how effortlessly she'll make your home seem brand new.

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Happy Client Testimonials

Read what some of our regualr clients have to say about our fabulous service!

  • I love using Broadway Maids. Not only do I get a thorough cleaning at a reasonable rate, but also I like the feeling that I'm supporting both the arts and gay community through my discretionary spending.

  • As artists ourselves, we love to support fellow artists in their business endeavors. BROADWAY MAIDS has some of the kindest and most talented people working for them, and they really know their stuff! The service is always so personalized, and has made a huge difference in our health and well-being. Highly recommended!

  • When I first hired this company, I told them I had a very high standard of cleanliness. I didn't really expect anyone would be able to deliver to my high standard. But, they did. And, as I asked for additional services: cleaning windows, polishing furniture and floors, I found myself always pleased with the result. I like having the same cleaner every time, but if that person is unable to come, the company always sends another qualifie